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Hold Me Down Chords

Tabbed by Jesse Martin

Verse 1:
C#			                                   B		                    C#			                              B
I dont make everyone happy, and its okay, its okay, and its okay
C#			                               B		             C#		                                               B
I been through this before, its nothin new, its nothin new, its nothin new

C#					                                                     B`						                                                          C#
I dont know why everytime I wanna fly, somebody always tries to hold me down,
	                  B   A	          C#						                                                B
hold me down yeah		Im losin my faith every single time I try, no one is on my 
		                                 C#		                 B	A
side, dont let me drown, let me drown

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Little Riff after chorus:

Verse 2:
C#				                                              B			                         C#
Dont worry about what you’ve done now, cuz its okay, its okay
	                B				                  C#				                                   B
and its okay			yeah, yeah, its a test to see how much you
			                     C#					                                                     B
can take	its nothin new, its nothin new, and its nothin new


Pre chorus:
C#			                    B		         C#	          B	   A
I am drowning			             I am sinking
C#		                    B		                     C#
I am drowning, I am sinking, Why wont someone help me
B			                                A
why wont someone help me?!?


Its good to see that Tommy Lee can survive without his
crue or without pam. I havent decided which is more