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The Unknown Stuntman Chords

THE UNKNOWN STUNTMAN (the fall guy)     -       Lee Majors

B - F#/Bb - G#m - F# - E - F# - B/ 

          B /                                                               
Well, Iīm    not the kind to kiss and tell
    E/B /                    B /                                                   
But     Iīve been seen with     Farrah.
     E                 B                      C#7            F#7                        
Iīve   never been with   anything less than a     nine,   so      fine.
Iīve    been on fire with Sally Fields
Going    past with a girl named Bo
     C#7                                    F#                                    
But      somehow they just donīt end up as      mine.

Itīs a     death-defined life I live
E           B                                                                 
  I take my    chances
   G#m                         E                  B     F#                             
I     die for a living in the    movies and T. -    V 
But the     hardest thing I ever do
    E                  B                                                     
Is    watch my leading    ladies
      C#7                                        F#7                              
Kiss      some other guys while Iīm bandaging my      knee./

I might     fall from a tall building
   F#       E7                                                                  
I     might     roll a brand new car
       B          F#/Bb          G#m                                                   
īCause    Iīm the         unknown      stuntman -
F#            E           F#          B                                                
   That made     Redford      such a     star. 
B - F#/Bb - G#m - F# - E - F# - B/ 

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      B /                                                                    
Iīve     never spent much time in school, 
    E/B /                    B /                                                   
But         I taught ladies      plenty.
      E                  B              C#7               F#7                            
Itīs     true I hire my    body out for      pay,    hey      hey
Iīve    gotten burnt over Sheryl Teeks
Blown    up for Raquel Welsh
           C#7                                 F#          F#7                        
But when I      wind up in the hay, itīs only     hay. Hey      hey

I might      jump an open drawbridge
F#      E7                                                                       
   or      tarzan from a vine
        B           F#/Bb           G#m                                                  
īCause     Iīm the         unknown       stuntman -
F#             E            F#           B                                             
   that makes     Eastwood      look so    fine.
C - G/B - Am - G - F - G - C /

         C                             F/C                         C               
Theyīll    never make me president but     Iīve got the best first   ladies.
      F                       C                    D7              G7                 
Some    days Iīve got īem as    far as the eye can    see – Uuhh -     iih
A    morning dive with Jackie Smith, 
I    crash in the night with Cheryl,
    D7                                   G                                      
But     in the end they never stay with    me./

I might     fall from a tall building 
    G       F7                                                                  
so    Burt     Reynolds donīt get hurt,
I might     leap a mighty canyon 
G     F7                                                                        
  so     he can kiss and flirt.
       Am                                  G                                    
While     that smooth talkerīs kissinī my    girl -
   Iīm just kissinī dirt,
      C           G/B          Am                                                    
Yes,     Iīm the       lonely     stuntman 
G              F         G          C                                                
  that made a     lover     out of    Burt.
C - G/B - Am - G - F - G - C //

B     x24442
F#/Bb x1432x
G#m   466444
F#    244322
E     022100
E/B   x22100
C#7   x46464
F#7   242352
E7    022130
C     x35553
G/B   x2003x
Am    x02210
G     320003
F     133211
F/C   x33211
D7    xx0212
G7    320031
F7    131241