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She Comes Running Chords

She Comes Running

Intro:  E  D  A  E (2X)
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E                  A              B 
When loneliness is knocking at my mind
    E            A                 B
And happiness is something I canít find
A                            B
Pleasure seems forty miles behind
          E        D  A  E  D  A  E
She comes running
And if I stand in someone elseís rain
Feeling forty million drops of pain
She knows how or what to blame
She comes running

And if my dreams all turn to sea
And if my flowers turn to weeds
She knows exactly what I need
She comes running

And on the day the world puts me down
In some empty space in the ground
Iíll bet if I make a sound
Sheíll come running

by: Josť Duarte