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Nancy And Me Chords

Nancy and Me

D                  A
Left L.A, Thursday morning
G                     D
Left the weight far behind
No goodbyes and no warnings
G                       D
Cold in the heart and unkind

Being up ainít worth nothing
If the best of you is down
Peace Iíve heard must be something
So I guess Iíll look around
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C                     D
Railroad cars have no memories
C                    D
Highway signs cannot see
C                    D
If ever youíre doing nothing
C                          G             D
Say a prayer for Nancy and me, Nancy and me

Phoenix chill took my body
Worth a dollar thirtty-three
Dallas cops took my money
But my soul went running free

Atlanta seen eyes for dyiní
But it was not my time
Nanvy held me to her
When we crossed the Georgia line


Mountains are made for climbing
Feelings are a place to rest
Love is somethhing Iím still finding
In the whell of loneliness

If you have trouble understanding
Just be what you must be
Let me be what I am
God bless you and god bless me 


by: Josť Duarte