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My Finland Chords

My Finland

Am                          G
Except for the dream in our mothers' eyes
Am                    G
You and I would still ride the wind
C               F
A pair of seeds that no one needs
D 		  G
Least of all your Finland
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C          F
This land, your Finland,
C          F
This land, my Finland,
C                  F
Will always be the heart of you and me
G  Am
My Finland

Except for the gleam in our fathers' eyes
You and I would have never been
We'd never lay in this purple shade
Never known my Finland


Except for the beam from some god's mind
You and I would have never seen
The diamond morn' where peace was born
In a place we called my Finland


Note: This song is a more recent version (or update) of the song "Soul's Island" that 
be found in the album "A House is Safe From Tigers". I did this version because it's the 
I'm more familiar with.

by: Josť Duarte