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Intro: C   F  C

Bb F        C
Oh Kari I'm coming home
Bb F        C
Oh Kari I'm coming home
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C                         F
Gatorade and lemonade and lying naked in the shade
   C				   G
Pretending that I got it made by then
C                                 F
Sniff and stuff and dip and snuff till I think I have enough
    C			      G 
And then I gonna get up if I can


The sky is green and in between somebody says the water's clean
But I bet's just a dream by then 
The President is popping pills and paying all the old folks' bills
And wearing a silver spoon around his neck


An evil eye from the FBI came walking by and caught my eye
And I told him carefully buddy I am James Bond (don't show)
He caught my bluff and took my stuff and hit me till he'd had enough 
And took me to a place I'm not fond of


by: Josť Duarte