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Patches Chords

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You knew something awful was going to happen when they changed key after only
one verse...

                      (Barry Mann - Larry Kolber)


	Ab7 [xx4114]

Verse 1:

	 Db                     Gb          Db/Ab
	Down by the river that flows by the coalyards
	 Db                       Gb            Ab
	Stand wooden houses with shutters torn down
	  Db           Fm        Gb         Db/Ab
	There lives a girl everybody calls Patches
	 Db                     Ab7        Db     A7
	Patches, my darling, of old Shantytown

[key change to D]

Verse 2:

	D                         G                D/A
	We planned to marry when June brought the summer
	D                         G          A
	I couldn't wait to make Patches my bride
	 D          F#m           G       D/A
	Now I don't see how that ever can happen
	D                        A7            D
	My folks say no and my heart breaks inside

Chorus 1:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/l/lee_dickey/patches_crd.html ]
	  D         A/G        A7    [the A/G is probably A mistake]
	Patches, oh what can I do
	G             D
	I swear I'll always love you
	       G                               D          Bm
	But a girl from that place will just bring me disgrace
	   D               A7          D    Bb7
	So my folks won't let me love you

	[key change to Eb]

Verse 3:

	Eb                     Ab           Eb/Bb
	Each night I cry as I think of that shanty
	Eb                         Ab          Bb
	And pretty Patches there watching the door
	Eb           Gm          Ab          Eb/Bb
	She doesn't know that I can't come to see her
	 Eb                        Bb7         Eb    B7
	Patches must think that I love her no more

	[key change to E]

Verse 4:

	E                  A          E/B
	I hear a neighbor telling my father
	E                       A            B
	He says a girl name of Patches was found
	 E            G#m           A         E/B
	Floating face down in that dirty old river
	       E                       B7         E
	That flows by the coalyards in old Shantytown

Chorus 2:

	  E          B
	Patches, oh what can I do
	A             E
	I swear I'll always love you
	    A                         E          C#m
	It may not be right but I'll join you tonight
	  E [N.C.]
	Patches, I'm comin' to you

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers