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Chase That Chords

I know i stop showing chords at the middle of the first verse but just play 
through the whole song. Play along with violins.

Am                     C
Starting with hanging posters on my bedroom walls
G                       D                     Dsus D
To battle rappiní for status up in the school halls
Am                     C
Just call me double sushi, thought I was to raw
G                        D            Dsus D
And hip hop was my home I had my shoes off
Am                      C                    
6í3Ē in high school, well skip a hoop dream
G                       D              Dsus  D   
If I donít blow up then maybe, Iíll try the school thing
I went to college to do my family a favor
But I couldnít pick a major cause I wanted to be major
I tried sellin work, but it didnít work
So I worked, shopping center clerk, finna go berzerk
Lunch Break , see my writing 16ís over Micky Dís 
Skippin class, makin beats over 60 keys
And I love that, that even though Iím just chasing
Selfish Ambition couldnít tell your boy nothing
Watch out all you rappersí cause they finna let ĎCrae in 
But I was sleepiní on the Son like Days Inn

And you can have the money
And you can have the fame
But me I want the Glory
Iím livin for the Name
See life is just a picture
I see outside the frame
Im livin for a kingdom that I ainít never seen

And Iím Iím chase that
Iím Iím chase that
Found the key to life and best believe that Iím Iím play that (Glory)
Iím Iím chase that
Iím Iím chase that (glory)
Iím Iím chase that
Iím Iím chase that
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I remember chasin the green feelin blue
Only check Iím countin is the mic check, one two 
All I wanted was the money and the fame and the new 
Somebody on my arm when I walk inside the room

All I wanted was doom 
The same kind Alexander the Great felt, when the Earth ran out of room 
He conquered all he could, but yet heís feeliní consumed
By this never ending quest for glory he couldnít fuel
Like a typical fool, I would go hard 
Shootin for the moon
But there only one Son , no Co-star
Chasin glory I shouldnít own
Instead of livin to make His name known 
Iím runnin after his throne

I thought bein on TV, where everybody could see me
Was nothing short of the easiest way I could see to please me
Iíll never be who I used to desperately want to be 
Iím too worried but the Lord getting credit instead of me



I use to wanna do it big
When youíre only focused on yourself thatís small
And they, they use to tell me as a kid
That I could do anything that I want except fall
And now that I recall
I was chasing my goals 
And every time I caught them they multiplied into moí
I never even thought about whether the Lord approved 
Call it selfish ambition
I call it, I'm makin moves

But history repeats itself
Evilís what it is 
Cause Lucifer was cast away for doing what I did
Created by the God who spoke the Earth into existence
Instead of chasing the Fatherís glory he was chasin his
He lies to us all
Told Adam he could ball
ďWhy you followiní God when could go get it all?Ē
Iíll tell you whats better, or better yet worse
Chasin your own glory by doin the Lordís work
So holla if it hurts
But we were made for greater
Our greatest satisfaction is making His Name famous
So if weíre never named among the greatest, (or) they donít critically acclaim us
Ainít nothing to be ashamed of
We gave it up for the Savior


Chords by Micah Johns