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Slow Down the Sun
Written By: Leatherleaf
Peformed By: Leatherleaf

A great new song from a great little band I found. Very catchy song.

Standard Tuning
Capo 3


|-----2---2------2------2---2------2-------0---0----0----0—0---0---0------------------- 0--|

2x   D  Cadd9  G
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Verse 1	Dsus2   D
	I am not a strong man
	      Cadd9          G 
	But I can lift you high above the stars
	Dsus2   D
	I am not a cold man
	        Cadd9        G
	And I can always wrap you in my arms

Verse 2	I am not a fast man
	For you I’ll try to chase down the sun
	I am not a rich man
	I hope you won’t need anything but my love

Bridge	Asus4     Cadd9    G
	I want to give you everything
	Asus4     Cadd9      G
	The sun, the moon and the stars on a string

Chorus 1	F                     C                            G
	When I’m with you, you make me fly
 	F                      C                         G
	When I’m with you, you turn my frown upside down
	F                     C                         G
	Next time with you, can we just try
 	F              C 			    G
	Catch the tail the sun when we fly by

Verse 3	I am not a smart man
	But I know when I’ve got something good
	I am not a hard man
	Turn to me I wish you would

Chorus 1 x2