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The Journey Chords

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A                   D
Half the world is sleeping
A                  D
Half the world's awake
F#m                  D
Half can hear their hearts beat
Bm                   E
Half just hear them break

A           D
I am but a traveler
A              D
In most every way
F#m              D       E
Ask me what you want to know
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        D       E      A
What a journey it has been
        D       E      A
And the end is not in sight
         D         E     F#m
But the stars are out tonight
             D         E       A
And they're bound to guide my way
              D       E     A
When they're shining on my life
       D     E      A
I can see a better day
   D             E       F#m
I won't let the darkness in
        D       E      A
What a journey it has been

A               D
I have been to sorrow
A               D
I have been to bliss
F#m             D
Where I'll be tomorrow
Bm          E
I can only guess

A                    D
Through the darkest desert
A                    D
Through the deepest snow
F#m                D      E
Forward, always forward I go


F#m             C#m
Forward always forward
D              E
Onward always up
Catching every drop of hope
Bm           E
In my empty cup