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Up Up And Away Chords

Up, Up, and Away by Law of Nature
(written by Chapman Welch)

Chords: G  320033
        C  X32033
        D  XX0232

G   C   D     G   C   D  

First verse:

G       C          D
She had reasons to be true

G       C            D        G
All of them were the same

         C                   D              G
Everyone thought she was the nicest thing

      C        D     G
And I had to agree

         C                  D          G
There's something about an open road

            C            D        G
And looking out on the highway

         C              D              G
There's something about hangin' round

      C               D      C     D
That makes you wanna go

[ Tab from: ]
                         C     G      D
Well I guess she had her reasons

      C    G     D 
She'd bring 

                C     G     D
cold showers in spring

                             C       G        D
Read good books she was the damndest thing

Up, up, and away

We could tell by the way she walked
There were things on her mind
And we all believed in destiny
So we, so we figured it would all work out fine


Her family thought they were royalty
She never seemed to mind
Actin' like they were going far away
Leaving us behind
You can tell by someone's voice
Exactly what they want to say
And they were dyin' in their socialites
I wish that I could be there so I could change their minds


And that's it! A very fun song. If there are any other Law of Nature fans, feel free
to email me. Thanks to Paul Glass for giving me the lyrics.