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Jailhouse Fire Tab


As tabbed by seboddos aka zappy the koala
     Gm                              D#                 D
E |----3----3----3-----------3---3-----2----2--------------------|
B |----3----3----3-----------3---3-----3----3--------------------|
G |----3----3----3-----------3---3-----2----2--------------------|
D |--5---------5-------3-------------0---0-----------------------|
A |-------5---------5-----6----6---------------------------------|
E |--------------------------------------------------------------|
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Gm                                             D#                  D
Did you see that lady there they stripped her to her underwear
Gm                                           D#   D
She took it one step further and stripped to bare
Gm                                                                   D#
Through the rising flames and smoke she laughed as all the police choked
                    D                    Gm
And then she danced in the government pyre

D  D#                       Gm
The jailhouse is on fire
D  D#                       Gm
The jailhouse is on fire

Whistle:  D#  Bb  F  Cm

She grabbed a guard and stole his keys unlocked the cells
And set us free and we ran and caught our pants on the old barbed wire
We hit the dirt we hit the road we jumped the fence
We kissed a toad and we hollared at the ladies
In the churchyard choir

The jailhouse is on fire
The jailhouse is on fire

I hopped a train and headed west free woman now just like the rest
All the hobos on the line called me a liar
The train it choked and spewed and spat and coal smoke billowed thick and black
And she was everywhere and rising higher she set

The jailhouse on fire
The jailhouse on fire