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Im So Tired Chords

This is a really pretty cover by Laura Stevenson of Fugazi's "I'm So Tired"

Chords used:

    B   B/Bb Abm  Abm*
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B   B/Bb   Abm
Out here
      Amb*           B
I can barely see my breath
Abm Abm*              B
By jealousy and death
  B/Bb     Abm
I can't be reached
     Abm*         B
I've only had one call
        B/Bb Abm
Dragged underneath
Abm*              B           B/Bb
Seperate from you all ... you all 
B    B/Bb       Abm
This time, this time 
Abm*             B
I've lost my own return
B/Bb     Abm
In spite of 
Abm*                    B
Everything i've learned
  B/Bb   Abm
I hid my tracks
Abm*            B
Spit out all my air
        B/Bb Abm
Slipped into cracks
Abm*               B         B/Bb
Stripped of all my cares ... my cares

(Here she strums the two high (B and e) strings on the 2nd fret before going back 
into the B chord)

B  B/Bb   Abm
I'm so tired 
Abm*               B
Sheep are counting me
 B/Bb   Abm
No more struggle
 Ab         B
No more energy
B/Bb      Abm    
No more patience
Abm*                 B
You can write that down
B/Bb         Abm
It's all too crazy
Abm*              B
I'm not sticking 'round