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Decembers Boudoir Chords

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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:49:43 -0500
From: Andrew Rogers 
Subject: ./n/nyro_laura/decembers_boudoir.crd

			"December's Boudoir"
			   (Laura Nyro)

Verse 1:

	Gm          F/G        Bbmaj7    Fmaj9   Am7/D  Em7/A
	Kisses from you in the flames of December's    boudoir
	 A    G   F  [A]       Em7		([A] = single low A)
	They fill me     like melons
	Dm7           Ab Bb D   Db
	Touch me with chivalry
	Db/Gb   Fm7
	Truly I know
	Db/Gb   Fm7         Cmaj9
	Truly I know who you are

	Dm C/D [D] F G/C

Verse 2:

	[N.C.]                   Dm/G
	December will bear our affair
	           Fmaj7        Bbmaj7   Fmaj9 Am7/D Em7/A
	Runnin' on streets of delight and Decemberry ice
	Oh see me, I'm ageless
	Loving you timelessly
	Love colored soul
	Love colored soul kissing spice

[no section repeats after this point]
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	G/D A/D                             G/D
	Yes my love I take my coffee in the morning
	    A/D           G/D  A/D
	And all your love

	Dm C/D [D] F G/C

	[n.C]                    Dm/G       Dm/F
	A spoonful or so make us grow

	F/D    F G/C     [4X]
	 /  /  /  /

	F/D       F G/C
	Mama was clever [6X]
	F/D    F G/C     Bm7   E7
	    My mama was clever
	       Am7        Gmaj7   Em7/A
	And my daddy loved her forever

	Fmaj7 Bbmaj7 Fmaj7  D7
	For...        ever

	Gm7        Am7/D Bbmaj7  Am7
	Kisses from you   I'll remember
	Kisses from you   in the flames of December
	Kisses from you   true they are
	Gm7        Am7/D       Bbmaj7      Am7         Dm6
	Kisses from you in the flames of December's boudoir

	Gmaj9 Am7/D
	Ooh,   mainstream
	Dm7/G    Em7/D
	Marzipan sweet
	Gm7   Fmaj7  E7(no 3)
	Bakin' out
	In December
	                       [harp: Gb D Bb G G]
	[strings: Cm7    D/C   Db/C   Gm/maj7]
	                                   [piano: Gm/maj7]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers