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These Boots Are Made For Walkin Chords

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Subject: Patty Larkin: These Boots Were Made for Walkin'
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1993 22:47:43 -0700 (PDT)
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	These Boots Were Made For Walkin'
		as performed by
		Patty Larkin
			w/ Megan McDonough
			   Christine Lavin
			   Sally Fingerett

		contributed by:

I don't know whether or not Patty wrote this song, but I first heard it on
the Bitchin' Babes Tour CD (with Christine Lavin, Megan McDonough, and Sally
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These are the chords and lyrics as best as I can figure out.

Chords used:  E     A     G(?)	??
	      0     0     x	x
	      0     2     x	x
              1     2     x	x
              2     2     0	x
	      2     0     2     0
              0     0     3     2

The way she plays is picking a bass string on the on-beat and strumminmg on
the off-beat

(E)	You keep saying you got something for me
(E)	Something you call love, but confess
(A)	That you've been messin, where you shouldn't've been messin, yeah
(E)	and now someone else is gettin' all your best.

(G?)	These boots were made for
(E)	walking
(G?)	and that's just what they'll
(E)	do
(G?)	and one of these days these
(E)	boots are gonna,
(G?)	walk all
(??)	over
(E)	you.

You keep saying that you don't wanna be changing'
You keep saying that you'll never get burned
I just found me a brand new box of matches, yeah
and what he knows you ain't got time to learn