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Constant Craving Tab

This is my first attempt at transcribing tabs.  This song is traditionally done at capo 3 in D minor,
 but I find this arrangement at capo 1 in E minor to be richer and more thorough for playing solo guitar and voice, 
as it takes into account the added complexity found in the bass part of the song.

My music theory background is keyboard-based, so please forgive any unclear chord names.

Constant Craving
artist: kd lang

Capo 1st fret

[Em]E - [Bm7]ven through the [D7sus4]darkest [C]phase
[Em]Be [Bm7]it thick or [D7sus4**]thin
[Em]Al - [Bm7]ways someone[D7sus4]marches [C]brave
[Em]Here be - [Bm7]neath my [D7sus4**]skin
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And [C]con - [D7***]stant [Bm7]cra - [Em]ving
Has [Fmaj7/A]al - [F]ways [Em]been

VERSE (simile)


Ah [G]ha, constant [C]craving
Has [D]always [C]been
Has [D]always [C]been



CHORUS ---  substitute final chord [Em] with [G]

Ah [G]ha, constant [C]]craving
Has [D]always [C]been
Has [C]always [C]been

Em	  022000
Bm7	  x24232 (bar chord)
D7sus4	  xx0213
D7sus4**  as above, but toggle between D and A in the bass
C	  x32010
D7***	  x3423x  Bar a Bm7 and add C as bass note
Fmaj7/A	  x03210
F	  133211 (bar chord)
G	  32223x
D	  xx0232