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Constant Craving Chords

This song is already posted, but it's blantantly incorrect.  Here's the actual chords:

Constant Craving

Capo 3rd fret

[Dm/A]E - [Am7/E]ven through the [Bb/F]darkest [Bb]phase
[Dm/A]Be [Am7/E]it thick or [Bb/F]thin
[Dm/A]Al[Am7/E]ways someone[Bb/F]marches [Bb]brave
[Dm/A]Here be[Am7/E]neath my [Bb/F]skin

And [Bb/F]const[C/F]ant [Fmaj7/A]cra[Dm]ving
Has [Bb/F]al - [C/E]ways [Dm]been
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[Dm/A]May[Am7/E]be A great [Bb/F]magnet [Bb]pulls
[Dm/A]All [Am7/E]souls towards [Bb/F]truth
[Dm/A]Or may[Am7/E]be it is [Bb/F]life it[Bb]self
That feeds [Dm/A]wis[Am7/E]dom to its [Bb/F]youth


Ah [Dm]ha, constant [Bb/F]]craving
Has [C]always [Bb]been
Has [C]always [Bb]been



Ah [Dm]ha, constant [Bb/F]]craving
Has [C]always [Bb]been
Has [C]always [Bb]been

Dm		x00231
Am7  		002010
Bb/F  		113331
Bb		x13331
C/F		xx3010
C/E		030210