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Remember Chords

Em             G                
Was there ever happiness?
D                  Asus2     
Where is the light now?
C                 E        
All I see is the darkness,
E             G                
But I've just gotta look back.

Em           G
Remember the time when
D             Asus2           
We ran out of gas,
C                     E 
Walked 3 miles to the station,
E           G              
When it was 30 degrees?

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          D                     G 
Don't you remember when we were happy?
            C    G        Asus2               
When we had joy, love and fun?
Em             C              
Are you really happy now,
G                   D     
Now that you're not with me?
C                  G              D
Don't you remember how it used to be?

Em                     G  
Remember the time when we got lost,
D        Asus2                  
I was in tears,
             C         E       
But you were there for me,
E                 G           
Helped me make it through.


Em        G                
Don't you remember
D                     Asus2     
When we played in the snow?
C        E                  
Happy as children,
E                 G      
Not a care in the world.


Em             G      
Can't you come back to me,
D                   Asus2             
Rediscover hope and love.
C                    E        
We can be happy once again,
E                 G      
And make some new memories.