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Runs In The Family Chords

Song: Runs in the Family
Artist: Lagwagon
Album: Resolve (2005)


D                     Bb
Used to recognize the gun in your hand 
   C         A
Promise, squandered
D                      Bb
Used to understand the stake in your heart
   C          A
Mileage, road worth

        F                      C
But it's hard to recognize the massive burden 
       A              D
Born of love, and bad deeds
       F                         C              
And it runs in the family from beginning to end
      A       D
It is just revenge 
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Play verse
Everybody build a monument to pain 
Flowers, fast cars 
Everybody raise the thief in their heart 
It's just a beating

Pre chorus riff: a|--5-7-8-7-5-|

Play Chorus
And it sounds just like a million other tributes 
Customs and demons
And it runs in the family with a million regrets 
It's just (It's just revenge) revenge 

Solo Background: D, Bb, C, E.F. (.- only playfor 2 measures)

Solo: x2

After Solo: D D D D D D D D D *pause* C

Play After Chorus    end on D