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Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 10:02:41 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CRD: alien_8.crd by Lagwagon

Song: Alien 8
Band: Lagwagon
Album: Double Plaidinum (1997)
Written by Lagwagon
Transcribed by Luke Knox (

If you've never heard of Lagwagon, and you're into punk music, you've got 
to get Double Plaidinum.  Anyway, this is the first track off of that album:

Verse:(open chords)
A  Bm  D  A
A  Bm  D  E A
Chorus: (*barre chords)
A  B  D  E  A
D  E  Eii  A
[ Tab from: ]
The solo gets kinda impossible to tab out halfway through, but here's the 
After this, Chris plays a scale superfast, and though you can kinda fake 
your way through it, there's no way I can fake my way through tabbing it! ;-)

Then repeat verse and chorus.

Would it make you feel much better, if it was you against the world. If 
you were an alien, if it were conspiracy.
And would it hurt to live in comfort, if you found someone to trust. If 
you knew that you were with us, if we shared a common goal.
But you will isolate, alienate, no one can appreciate the poor 
misunderstood, don't you see that I don't care anymore.
Do you ever stop to listen, are you a martyr for your pride.
Does it make you feel much better when you are an alien.

That's it!  Send me any and all questions, comments, etc.