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Summerboy Chords

Summerboy - Lady Gaga
originally this song is in the key of E but i do it two half steps lower in the key of D 
fit my range. do it two halfsteps higher if you want.
the chords are a bit difficult and are more intermediate and there may be some 
(since i figured these chords out myself) but it's very close to the original.

Chords Used:

      Dmaj7                 Em7                   A7
E|-----5--------|     E|-----7--------|     E|-----5--------|
B|-----7--------|     B|-----8--------|     B|-----5--------|
G|-----6--------|     G|-----7--------|     G|-----6--------|
D|-----7--------|     D|-----9--------|     D|-----5--------|
A|-----5--------|     A|-----7--------|     A|-----7--------|
E|-----5--------|     E|-----7--------|     E|-----5--------|

      Bm7                    B7                    G
E|-----7--------|     E|-----7--------|     E|-----3--------|
B|-----7--------|     B|-----7--------|     B|-----3--------|
G|-----7--------|     G|-----8--------|     G|-----4--------|
D|-----7--------|     D|-----7--------|     D|-----5--------|
A|-----9--------|     A|-----9--------|     A|-----5--------|
E|-----7--------|     E|-----7--------|     E|-----3--------|

       Gm                 Em7add2          Em7add2 variant 1 (Emv1) play the base note 
your thumb
E|-----3--------|     E|-----0--------|     E|-----x--------|
B|-----3--------|     B|-----7--------|     B|-----7--------|
G|-----3--------|     G|-----7--------|     G|-----6--------|
D|-----5--------|     D|-----5--------|     D|-----5--------|
A|-----5--------|     A|-----7--------|     A|-----7--------|
E|-----3--------|     E|-----0--------|     E|-----6--------|
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Note: Figure out your own strumming pattern.

Intro: it's just a D chord. you could figure it out


Em7     A7           Dmaj7           Bm7
Nowhere yah were goin' no where fast

Em7        A7                            Dmaj7   Bm7
Maybe this time I'll be yours, you'll be mine

Em7        A7               Dmaj7  Bm7
C-c-c-crazy get your ass in my bed

Em7          A7                Dmaj7      Bm7    B7 (B7 is optional, but i would play it)
Maybe you'll be just my summer boyfriend, summer boy


Em7add2                               Emv1
Let's get lost, you can take me home, somewhere nice, we can be alone

Dmaj7              Bm7
Bikini top's comin o-o-off

Don't be sad when the sun goes down

You'll wake up and i'm not around

Dmaj7                Bm7
I've got to go oh oh oh oh oh

G                    Gm
We'll still have the summer after all


Hey there summer boy

Let's go for a drive

Take me for a ride

Never gonna close our eyes

Hey there summer boy

I'm a busy girl

Don't have too much time

Hurry up before I change my mind

Hey there summer boy

I'm takin off my heels

Let's go for a run

Have a little summer fun

Have a little summer fun

Bm7    B7
Summer boy

Chorus and then fade out with the intro.

Thank you hope you found this useful!