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No Way Chords

lady gaga unreleased song :) for easy playing on guitar transpose song one 
semitone and use a capo 1st fret :)please comment or rate :)

Bbm                                      Ab
I saw a shadow, and I knew that it wasnt mine
You and her, I know that you are intertwined
Even though, her clothes were on and everything

Your eyes were somewhere else and you were both to blame

same chord progression

Dont say a word
Im sure that it wont be enough
To erase what I know just happens now what dreams are made of
This is my haus and I wont allow that disrespect
Baby dont look at me like that
Dont belong to you, anyway
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  Db                                                    Ab
Cuz baby now that you’re caught what am I supposed to say
Its so wrong what you did but I still feel this way
I cant believe it, or forget it, what I saw today
And if youre wondering if Im staying answer is no way
      Ab     Bbm
No Way No Way
No Way (I cant believe it babe)
No Way (No Way)

same chord progression as first verse

Something I saw, something I know did not belong to me
But then I thought theres no way you would do that to me
Then last week, when you went aside to use your phone
I felt a chill but told myself that it was from the cold
And I just woke up, but I wish that it was a nightmare
Cos when I have those, it isnt real like this one is

This is my heart, and I wont allow that disrespect
Baby dont look at me like that, it dont belong to you, anyway


Bbm                 Ab
Get your things and go
You can take the dinner left over from last night
I made you your favourite goodbye