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Love Like Hell Chords

Lab is a great finnish rock band , it was the preband of zeraphine .

Artist : Lab  
Album : Where Heaven Ends 
Song : Love Like Hell

Lab  -  Love Like Hell  

Intro : F5 ; C5 ; G5 ; F5 ; 

1. verse :

F5                        C5        
She fell hard you are her nature , 

           G5                        F5      C5
now she's caught in between love and anger 

F5                             C5
She still looks just like your angel , 

               G5                     F5       C5
she's got more poisened each hour without you 

Refrain :

         F5      C5
Would you crawl ,        

       D5     A5
filthy streets , 

          F5    C5
would you crawl       
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          D5         A5
till your poor heart bleeds

    F5       C5        D5       A5 
And run like hell , to love her well  
    F5       C5        D5        A5          C5 
And run like hell , to find your way here ... way here 

2. Verse

F5                            C5
She's been brave but time has harmed her 
       G5                         F5    C5
oh it hurt , so she learned to be harder 

F5                      C5
There's no angel now inside her 

           G5                       F5      C5
she's been tortured each moment without you 

2.Chorus  : ( like the  1st )
Would you ... 

( the text is the same as by the first and the second )
D5 ; A5 ; H5 ; F#5  

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