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Beautiful Chords

Beautiful by LA Guns
From ďman in the moonĒ (2001)
Written by P.Lewis/B.Muscat/T.Guns/S.Riley
tabbed by trevor-guns

Main riff (intro, verse, chorus)
C    E              A                   F           C       G        C
Look around me, you astound me, you are oh so beautiful, oh yeah iím home
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E                                                 A
Its gonna take a little time, gonna take a little conversation
E                                A
And I think the time has come to pass
E                                         A
When I said I couldnít get enough of that situation
      F                        C    G
And I recognize, I donít wanna stay away

C  E  A     F    C     G     C
Oh so beautiful, oh so beautiful

F#     G     F#        G        F#               G      E        A
All my life, Iíve been waiting, and I think itís right, donít go away

I didnít write out all the lyrics, and the lyrics I did may not be correct, but if 
youíre viewing this tab for this obscure LA Guns effin classic, then you know the song and 
youíll figure it out!  Great song.