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Give Or Take Chords

Song: Give or Take
Artist: Kyle Hugart and Dave Schneider
Tab by: Dave Schneider

Verse 1
G		   C					D
Getting up at 6:15 give or take I get to school but I'm barly awake. I 					       
finish an assignment that was due last week as I explain that I'm not 

stupid just very unique.
G					   C
Thinking about girls halfway through math, my teacher's a homework 		  
happy psychopath. Now here's an equation that'll stick like a knife 

joy plus misery equals my life.
(top string 2nd fret gets one pluck after sport)
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G					    C
Recess comes and goes as I play some sport, now why can't math class

be that short. By the end of the day my brains have melted to foam.

And there's a fifty-five minute drive till I get home.

Verse 2
G			C			 D
I run down the hallway, through my bedroom door. And as I reach for the  
pistol hidden in the dresser drawer, I tell the man in the mirror,

 G				  C			    D
"I won't go to that place again." Today'll be the last time I go 

				G   C  D  C
through that again.