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My Sight Chords

                             MY SIGHT - Kye Kye
Tabbed by: Leek

Tuning: Standard

Capo 1


F   Em   Am   G

Verse 1

F                        Dm 
Thoughts of cloth that lay on stone (Jon.20:6-7)(Ro.6:10-11, 8:6 ,12:2)
    Am                   Em
I am watching a cross that bled
F                                       Dm
alone to be the only valley of trust and hope we know (Ro.5:2)
Am                        Em
we envision that place then watch it flow through us (Ro.15:4 & 8:24-25)

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Am       Dm      C
Am       F         C 
Ah....               Your words
Am       Dm       C
Am       F          C
                     Are my sight (2Cor.5:7)

Verse 2

F                              Dm
Trails we walk then see them glow (Heb.11:1)
Am                           Em
we are watching a church that builds
F                               Dm
and grows to be a lovely picture with frames that hold so close (Eph.4:12-13) (1Cor.12:12-13)
Am                           Em 
we imagine that place and watch it flow from us (1Jo.3:2)(Ro.8:29 & 12:2)(Eph.4:15)


Scriptural Citation taken directly from the 'About' section of the song's official 
Youtube page, uploaded by Kye Kye.