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Hero Chords

Bm       G                D  A
Who ever told you you canít win
Bm              G          D                A
Who ever said that if you fail donít try again
Itís in the ordinary
Deep in the weak and weary
Bm              G         D                 A
The power to overcome the fear youíre holding in

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        D         A
You could be a Hero
                Bm                 G
You could be the change in this world
                D    A
Rise above the Normal
                 Bm           G
Donít have to be afraid any more
             D               A
We are the light we are the hope
            Bm                G
We are the love inside worth fighting for
D             A                    Bm            G
You could be, you could be, you could be a hero

Bm                 G               D  A
You donít have to look that hard to see
Bm                G                D               A
You donít have to reach that far to find someone in need
Em                      G                      
There is a desperation deep in this generation
Bm          G               D              A
Looking for something new a love they can believe

G               D              Bm
Love will even cross the ocean wide
           Em                     D
Love will lose it all to save a life
Bm              G                   D  A
Because of the love God gave youíll find
                 Bm      G  D  A
That you could be a hero