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Beautiful Christmas Chords

From their new Album, This is Christmas (EP).

Fabulous Lyrics and super easy to play!  Thanks Kutless, Praise Jesus!

Standard Tuning, Capo 4th Fret

       (High E) (High A)      A2    B    C#M    E


Verse 1:

E            A2                 E                  B
The weather outside it tells me that snows on its way

E                      A2                      E                         B
As trees turn to white, the troubles inside are losing their colors the same
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E                       A2                      E                  B
It feels like forever since I remember, the power of your love for me


E		 B	            C#M
It's beautiful, a child, a saviour, a king

      A2                      E
With love like the world's never seen.

E                       B                 C#M
It's beautiful, bright shining star in the east

(High A)(High E)  E   B	     C#M         A2			E
As angels sing, 'Gloria, unto us a saviour is born.'   It's beautiful.

Verse 2:

E                         A2                        E
The lights and the tree's remind me of the reason you came

E                       A2            E                   B
Light of the world on Calvary, the son of man came here to save


E                   A2                    E                         B
All is made right, God has reedemed us, together we'll sing of his glory