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At The Cross Chords


Title: At The Cross
Artist: Kutless
Album: Glory [2014]

Key: F (Optional: CAPO 1)


[Verse 1]
Into darkness came the light
And the savior lifted high
Through a perfect sacrifice
Dm           C      F
My soul has been redeemed
Reaching out your arms to say
You alone have made a way
My sins have been erased
Dm      C       F
Forever I will say
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        Dm          Bb         F
At the cross I am found, I am free
         Fm             Bb       F   
All the love you poured out over me
       Bb        C    Dm
Here I am, may I ever be
        Bb                   C        F
At the cross, 'cause it's enough for me

[Verse 2]
I don't need another sign
A miracle before my eyes
To believe your love is mine
Dm           C      F
Your promise is complete
Jesus, you have set me free
Every chain has been released
You are my victory
Dm                C       F
The strength will never change


Dm - Bb - F - C

Dm               Bb
Oh, what you've done,
       F            C
It's enough, all I need
    Dm     Bb              F
So here I stand, lifting hands
I believe