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Amazed Chords

Intro: D-G-Bm D-A-Bm

  G   D     G       Bm  G      D     A      Bm
Open up my eyes to see all of you, Your mysteries.

   G        D          G       Bm      G      D         A       Bm
I hold my breath, you hold my hand as heaven melts the heart of man

G              A
How amazed I am

D                       Asus                     C
Your glory fills the sky, a great and holy light shining like a million 

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G                        D                      Asus                C
I'm amazed by who you are. Lord we lift You high O God be magnified You 

                     G                         D   G   Bm   G  D  A  Bm
Have overwhelmed my heart I'm amazed by who you are.

    G    D      G        Bm       G      D    A       Bm        G     
The universe is at your feet, and angels bow when you speak. So high 

 D          G        Bm        G         D        A       Bm                
 Above our greatest song, but still you call and we will come. 

 G           Asus     
How amazed I am.


       A       D    Asus   Bm   G(add9) D      A Bm
Outro: You are.________