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Amazed Chords

This is an easy song, which is good, since this is my first tab!  Please rate and 
comment!  I hope to eventually do the entire It Is Well album.

Only tricky chord is the Gadd9 near the end:


Intro: D, G Bm, D, A Bm,

Verse 1:

G    D     G       Bm
Open up my eyes to see
G      D         A     Bm
All of You, Your mysteries,
  G       D           G       Bm
I hold my breath, You hold my hand
   G      D         A        Bm
As heaven melts the heart of man


G              Asus
How amazed I am...

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/kutless/amazed_crd_ver_3.html ]
D                            Asus
   Your glory fills the sky,      a great and holy light
C                             G
Shining like a million stars; I'm amazed by who You are
D                            Asus
   Lord we lift You high!         Oh God, be magnified,
C                               G
You have overwhelmed my heart.  I'm amazed by who You are!

Interlude: D, G Bm, G D, A Bm

Verse 2:

    G  D        G       Bm
The universe is at Your feet,
    G      D   A        Bm
and angels bow when You speak.
   G     D        G        Bm
So high above our greatest song,
    G         D        A       Bm
but still you call and we will come.



Bridge* (after "I'm amazed by who You are") D, Asus, C (on "Ohhh..."), G


Ending (after "I'm amazed by who You are")

D       G  Bm       A  D       Asus Bm

A      D       Asus  Bm      Gadd9  D       A  Bm
You are...

* If you could call it that.  It's the few measures in between the two choruses.

Hope you enjoy!  Praise God!