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The Wrong Ian Watkins Chords


               Kunt and the gang - The Wrong Ian Watkins



Standard tuning

same chord progression through song.

Slow strum C to start.

Now we all heard what ian watkins did
Bb                         F
it sent my mate paul in a rage
Bb                        F
see he'd just had a baby himself
G                           C
so he went on ians facebook page

He left a message saying you
are sick and twisted and i hope you die
But when i saw it on there i commented "lol"
and heres the reason why...

I said youve got the wrong ian watkins mate
Bb                   F
thats what made me smile
Bb                             F
youve just called the guy from Steps
G              C
a twisted paedophile.
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He shares a name and was in a band
Bb                            F   
the similarity ends there
Bb                          F
He'd never fuck a baby
C                              F
Just ask Lee,Lisa and claire.


My mate Paul was so embaressed
he went on line to apologise
But when i saw what he had done i couldnt believe my eyes.

(no chord) He got them mixed up again.


You've got the wrong ian watkins mate
It's that whats made me smile
You just said your sorry to a twisted paedophile
You've got the wrong ian watkins mate
That must be hard to take
You've just apologised to H'ches kid fiddling name sake.


Then i thought.

What if the old bill got it wrong
Just like my mate paul
By two popstars who got the same name
Maybe i should give them a call.


Have you got the right ian watkins mate
Have you considered maybe
That it was that H'ch from steps
that tried to rape that baby.

And they'd say....

We've got the right ian watkins mate
and your song is a disgrace
See H'ch has never taken meth
Or pissed on a school girls face.