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The Cheater Chords

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From the liner notes to the _Look Out For The Cheater_ LP:

    There's a big hullabaloo coming from MUSICLAND, U.S.A.! ... and it's
    all coming from BOB KUBAN AND THE IN-MEN, the most exciting musical
    sound to come along in all my eight years as producer and emcee of the
    "St. Louis Hop" television dance show.

    BOB KUBAN, leader of this big-band sound, is a young, handsome
    instrumental music instructor at Bishop Du Bourg High School and is Du
    Bourg's first winner of the much coveted _John Philip Sousa Award_!

    Here's the inside on the IN-MEN: GREG HOELTZEL, a Washington University
    student, plays the organ; MIKE KRENSKI, St. Louis University student,
    is bass player and composer; brass and reeds are expertly handled by PAT
    HIXON, HARRY SIMON, and SKIP WEISSER, all attending St. Louis Institute
    Of Music; talented KEN SMITH is lead guitarist; and, according to the
    girls, lead vocalist [Sir!] WALTER SCOTT "sings adorably!"  [AWR: Bob
    Kuban played drums - AWR]

    This album contains some of the brightest sounds I have heard in this
    new generation.  I know you'll appreciate this fresh, long-awaited
    versatile group -- they'll be musical stars for years to come!

    					Russ Carter Producer/Emcee
    					KSD-TV/Channel 5

    P.S.: The IN-MEN and their producer, Mel Friedman, asked me to make
    public their gratitude to Al Bussen, skillful sound engineer,
    Technisonic Studios, Inc., St. Louis.


                             "The Cheater"
                             (John Krenski)


	[drum fill]

        F#   D#m     B     D#m [N.C.]
	/  /  /  /   /  /   /  /  /  /   /  /  /  /

Verse 1:
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	F#                          G#m7              F#      G#m A#m B  C#
	Haven't you heard about the guy known as The Cheater    / /   /   /
	F#                                  G#m7
	He'll take your girl and then he'll lie and he'll
	            F#         G#m A#m B  C#
		mistreat her     / /   /   /
	G#m            A#m
	It seems every day now
	B               C#
	You hear people say now


	F#maj7            G#m7     [major 7th implied by vocal harmonies]
	Look out for The Cheater
	F#maj7           G#m7          C#7
	Make way for the fool-hearted clown
	F#maj7            G#m7
	Look out for The Cheater
	            F#       D#m         B       D#m [N.C.]
	He's gonna build you up just to let you down

Verse 2:

	All of you girls had better stay inside your door now
	He'll hurt you once, then turn around and hurt you some more now
	While he's out betrayin'
	You'll hear people sayin'

[repeat chorus]


	     D#m [N.C.]         D#m C#
	      /  /  /  /   /  /  /  / 

	B              Cdim
	  That cheater took my baby
	   Away from me
	D#m            D#m7/C#
	Yes, and now, I don't mean maybe
	G#7                     G#m7     C#7
	I'll get her back, just wait and see

	[key change to G]

	Am7      D7
	Wait and see

Verse 3:

	 G                             Am7                  G       Am Bm C D
	One of these days he'll find a girl who knows all about him
	 G                              Am7                 G       Am Bm C D
	She's gonna break his carefree heart and go on without him
	Am                    Bm
	And you'll hear thereafter
	C                 D
	  Above all the laughter

Chorus 2:

	Gmaj7               Am7
	Tough luck for The Cheater
	Gmaj7            Am7          D7
	Too bad for the fool-hearted clown
	Gmaj7                Am7
	Tough break for The Cheater
	             G        Em          C       Em    Eb
	Who used to build you up just to let you down

	[key change to Ab]

[repeat chorus 2, in Ab]:

	Abmaj7             Bbm7
	Tough luck for The Cheater
	Abmaj7          Bbm7          Eb7
	Too bad for the fool-hearted clown
	Abmaj7               Bbm7
	Tough break for The Cheater
	             Ab       Fm         Db       Fm
	Who used to build you up just to let you down


	      Fm               Ab [end cold]
	      / / / /  / / / /  /

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers