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Telephone Bill Chords

Telephone Bill
Katie Tunstall
Tracks In July (2000)

Capo 1

      Dsus      G  Em7     A  Asus4
G|------2----2---------0---2----2--|)Repeat x2

Verse 1:
Well, call this number now
Even though Iím feeling low myself
Iíll try and help
Talk for as long as you can afford
Em7              A    Asus4
Pay me with your idle chatter
Em7              A     Asus4
Iíll give you my usual patter
Em7          A
You may be mad as a hatter
G            A
Voices never tell
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Chorus: (intro repeat chords)
If I fill a space that so is hollow
Surely peak rate doesn't matter
Rule the world and marry Francis
Iím sorry that this call is tapped
So thereís no trouble
After 10 the rates go double
But if you are on a roll
We'll carry on long distance kissing
Iíll be the brunette that you are missing

**Verse 2:
Well if I could see your eyes
Maybe I could take you as sincere
But as it stands, youíre just a joke for the girls in the bar
Please donít think your name is sticking
As you watch your units ticking
I know if I ask you to hold
Ask me if you can

Chorus Repeat

Tell me what you want and Iíll be what you want

**2nd verse:

G|--2--0--0--0--|)Continue with the rest of the chords