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Miniature Disaster Chords

Artist: KT Tunstall
Album: Eye To The Telescope
Year: 2004
Title: Miniature Disasters
Standard Tuning
Am:		X02210
Am7:		X02010
Am9:		5X5500
All:		000000
Dm:		XX0231
Dm6:		XX0201
D6:		2X0202
Em:		022000
E7:		4X0400
E7#9:		076780
G:		320033
G6:		3x0400
Fmaj7:		X33210
Bass F:		1XXXXX
BaseHigh E:	(14)XXXXX
Bass G:		3XXXXX 
Bass G#:	4XXXXX

(Verse 1)
		   Am A11 Am
I don't want to be second best
Em	G     Am   A11 Am Em G
Don't want to stand in line
Em	G   Am A11 Am
Don't want to fall behind

Em	G   Am A11 Am

Am	      Dm     
Don't want to get caught out
Don't want to do without

Am A11 Am Em G 	Am A11 Am

Am	Fmaj7		 Gsus2..  
And the lesson I must learn
	     E7	    Am A11 Am
Is that I've got to wait my turn

Em	G   Am A11 Am
Em	G   Am A11 Am
Em	G   Am A11 Am
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(Verse 2) - repeat Verse1
Looks like I got to be 
hot and cold
I got to be taught and told
Got to be good as gold
But perfectly honest
I think it would be good for me
Coz it's a hindrance to my health
I'm a stranger to myself

D6(?)			Am	
Miniature disasters and minor 
Am7	D6
	       Am A11 Am Am7
Bring me to my knees
Well I must be my own master
     G     E7	       E7#9
Or a miniature disaster will be
It will be the death of me

(Verse 3) - repeat Verse1
I don't have to raise my voice
Don't have to be underhand
Just got to understand
That it's gonna be up and down
It's gonna be lost and found
And I can't take to the sky
Before I like it on the ground

      Bass F
And i need to be patient
      Bass G
And i need to be brave
Bass G#    
Need to discover
      Am9        G6
How i need to behave
And I'll find out the answers
When i know what to ask
But i speak a different language
And everybody's talking too fast

(Chorus) - repeat Chorus
Miniature disasters and minor 
Bring me to my knees
Well I must be my own master
I've got to run a little faster
I need to know I'll last if a 
Miniature disaster hits me
It could be the death of me