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I Want You Back Chords

I Want You Back
By Jackson 5
As arranged by KT Tunstall
Tabbed by mtelewicz (tabs.5.mtelewicz@spamgourmet.com)

This song is basically a bunch of seventh chords thrown in with some more traditional
any beginner guitar player should be familiar with (and one barre chord).  I play many of
chords with my thumb on the sixth string (low E), and I've noted those chords with a (T)
the chord diagram.  However, feel free to finger them in any way you feel
 Watch the YouTube video for an idea of the rhythm pattern.  I haven't charted out the
song as it is mainly one repeating pattern.  KT will occasionally play the sixth string
itself, alternating between the open position and the twelth fret.  Again, watch the 
to latch on to her particular style.

I hope I've captured all the chords she plays correctly.  In any case, I think I'm
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/kt_tunstall/i_want_you_back_crd.html ]
Emaj   022100
G#7b5  4x443x (T)
Amaj   x0222x
C#min7 9x999x (T)
G#min7 4x444x (T)
F#min7 2x222x (T)
B7     x21202
Esus4  022200
Emaj*  079997
B/E    7x999x (T)
Amaj7  5x665x (T)
B7*    7x787x (T)

Emaj   G#7b5   A
C#min7   G#min7
A   Emaj F#min7   B7   Emaj   Esus4  Emaj


Verse 1
Emaj                G#7b5   A
When I had you to myself

I didnít want you around

C#min7  G#min7
pretty faces

A      Emaj     F#min7    B7   Emaj   Esus4
Always made you stand out in a crowd

(repeat for second half)

Emaj*   C#min7  B/E      Amaj7
Oh baby give me one more chance

To show you that I love you

C#min7 G#min7  A      Emaj F#min7 B7 Emaj
Wonít  you     please send me        Back in your heart

(repeat pattern through chorus)