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Hopeless Chords

the chords of hopeless are simples:

capo 1

intro: repeat 4 first chords 3 times, the verse is equal but no repeat 4 times
final verse yes repeat like intro
cadd12: 030032
cadd9:  030033
cadd9:   032033
D/bm :  200032

Em   :  022000
A6?  :  002030
A7   :  002020

 a/c                      D7
No more saying that there's no more time.

D :     000232
a/c:    002010
G  :    230033
Gm :    300333
final first chorus 
D a/c G 

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D              a/c         G           Gm
Like a little spider, I'm climbing the insurmountable
D                    a/c                G          
But I'll never hold myself accountable, no.
            Em      A
Because I'm hopeless.
             G          bm
Everybody says I'm hopeless
             Em          A7    G   bm
But I got a bit of hopelessness
                         Em      A
Oh and you can never bring me down
                       G          bm
Even though I've got some solid ground
              Em      A
Oh because I love it so
And I think you should know
repeat first verse
               cadd12   cadd9  cad9     D/bm
I found it's hopeless clinging to a feelin
        Em                  A6?      A7
Like a fish a line, so blinded by the lately
cadd12 cadd9 cad9 D/bm    Cadd12 cadd9 cad9 D/bm    cadd12 cadd9 cad9 D/bm
Hopeless,                  hopeless,                hopeless
a/c                   D7                  cadd9???
No more saying that there's no more time

cadd9???:   023030