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Heal Over, KT Tunstall

Top tune. Have a listen to the recording to get the strumming pattern right.
I've tried to guess the chord names, but some may not be perfect!

Chord		EADGBe
Esus2		099900
C#m7(no 5th)	9x9990
Bsus4		799800
Am7		5x5550
Bm7sus4		7x7770
D/A		557775
Emsus2		024000
Cmaj7		x32450
D6sus2?	        x54450


Esus2			C#m7(no 5th)
	It isnt very difficult to see why 

Bsus4	    Am7	    D/A
	You are the way you are
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Esus2	    C#m7(no 5th)	Bsus4
Come over here lady		

	Am7	 Bm7sus4	Esus2
Let me wipe your tears away 

		C#m7(no 5th)	Bsus4
Come a little nearer baby 

	   Am7	 Bm7sus4
Coz you’ll heal over

Am7  Bm7sus4
Heal over

Am7	  Bm7sus4	Esus2
Heal over someday 


Emsus2	Cmaj7	D6sus2? etc

(The bridge chords might not be quite right, but they sound ok!)


Chris Brook 
Oxford, England