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K's choice - Dad

my fav. niece ask me to play this song,but i can't play piano :(
so i try with guitar...sorry if sound not same

intro: G F#/D Em C 2x

 G   F#/D    Em     C       G
i was a kid, u we're my dad
   F#/D  Em     C         G
i didn't always understand
   F#/D  Em       C        G
i wanted freedom, u got  mad
    F#/D        Em  C        Am
you were concerned, i got upset
i didn't reconize u yet

          Em      C    G   F#/D
and did u cried i know i did
       Em      C
when i lied to u 
i didn't want to hurt u 
i just never knew i did

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/ks_choice/dad_crd.html ]
          Em                   B                   
you never told me that you loved me 
       A               B      
i know u didn't know how
             Em                       B
i guess that show's we're much the same 
             A                B
coz i love u too when untill now
i never said those words out loud
i hope you're proud
            G  F#/D Em C
to be my dad...
            G  F#/D Em C 

G     F#/D    Em     C          G
where are ur screat, do you pray
     F#/D    Em       C            Am
it's there a god that show your way
i wish i knew 

            Em     C     G    F#m/D 
do u have a crazy fantasies
     Em     C          Am
what happen in ur dream
i want to know

               Em          B           A    B
i guess you'll always be a mystery to me
                Em           B
but u tought me how to value live
and what else do i need
B          A                     C    Em 
i have a dad who wacthes over me

Any Corrections plz email me at ogi_yonansa@yahoo.co.id