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Krystal Meyers-"My Savior"

Krystal Meyers is a female, Christian, rock artist. She released self-titled debut cd
on June 7, 2005. For more info visit 

Intro: E, B, F#m, A (x2)

Verse 1: F#m, A, E, B (4x)
i feel guilty sometimes when i pray, stealing time from needs that are great, still you
listen to every word i say, and i wanna thank you 

Pre-Chorus: B, A, B, A
and i, i'm amazed to call you mine
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Chorus: C#m, A, E, B (x3) F#m, A
My Savior, I'm laying it at your feet, Your love, it consumes me, My savior, You've
given me all I need, Your grace and your mercy,

Verse 2: F#m, A, E, B (4x)
I've been thinking about what you did, I'm empty handed, So what could I give?, But all
you ask of me is the life that I live, So I'll be faithful 

Pre-Chorus: B, A, B, A
And I, I'm not ashamed to call you mine 

Bridge: A, E, F#m, E, A, E, B
I never wanna be away, Forever I'll pursue, Everything it takes to be with you