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Bad Love Chords

1. verse (just keyboard)

 (Bm)                      (D)        (Bm)                        (A)
I see you walking down the street. And I know your exactly wath I need.
(Bm)                    (D)        (Bm)           (F*m)           (Bm)
Just a little woman for tonight. I took you to my place and it was right.

2. verse (clean or acoustic guitar)

    Bm                           D          Bm                       A
And now you looking deep into my eyes. Your body is turning away, my mind.
Bm                     D         Bm        F*m      Bm
If I say I need you to day. It's no one by myself to blame.
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Refrain (Rhythm guitar - clean or acoustic/Lead guitar - hard and electric)

   Bm               E       Bm                E

3. verse

Bm                          D         Bm                      A
You say baby please want to stay. But I can't give you no one away.
Bm                           D          Bm               F*m    Bm
The way I love'd you must be wrong. But your the one who turn me on.

4. verse (like the 1. verse with clean or acoustic guitar)

Refrain (2 times)

Bridge (clean or acoustic guitar)

Bm         E
Ah aha aha aha (15 times)

Refrain (8 times)