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Red Guitar Chords

Red Guitar
Written by Kris Allen

Intro: D, Dsus, D, Dsus

It may not be
The best one
It may not be
Like the rest of 'em
But she makes it sound so sweet
The melody, she makes it siiiing

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-------D---Dsus, D, Dsus
On her red guitar
The colour never fades away
No matter where she has it placed
-------------------Bm--------------------A-----G, A
And my life would change when I saw the face
Of her red guitar

(Same for the next two verses:)

It's been through hell
Oh, the sound it makes
It takes me to
Some higher place
She doesn't have a clue
Oh, that I love to listen to


She plays it soft
So only I can hear
The same old song
That she played last year
And it may not have all the strings
Oh, but she strums it beautifully!


D, G, D, G



You just have to work out the timing of the tab.

Happy playing!