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Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 22:26:01 -0500
From: Adam Klein 
Subject: CRD: Wayne - Chantal Kreviazuk

Song: Wayne
By: Chantal Kreviazuk
>From The Album: Under These Rocks And Stones
Chorded by: Tanja Burdi -


G|---2-----2----------2---0--2---| x4

Verse 1:

Dsus4                     D
I'll be the girl with the long blond hair 
       Dsus2             D
And the really pale skin if you care
 Dsus4              D
I sit in the corner of the room
Dsus2                  D
Cross legged and quiet filled with 
Dsus4     D    Dsus2   D
[ Tab from: ]
Dsus4                  D
I never ever liked the smell in here
    Dsus2             D
It's cold and wet and reeks of beer
   Dsus4                 D
The lights are turned out permanently
   Dsus2             D               Dsus4 
But that's ok 'cause I don't want to see.

Am      C
G         D 
 Wait for me
Am                  C
 Take me up in your hot-air balloon
    G              D
And feed me cotton candy
Am      C
G         D   
 Pray for me
       Am                 C
'Cause I'll be there in a couple of years
  G         D    Dsus4  D      
Until then, wait for      me

Verse 3:(same as before)

Who's the strange lady 
With the big silly hair
And berries on her face
Dressed like a pear
Do I really have to hold her hand
And pretend she's my mommy, 
You're the wife and man
When I know you're not my mommy

It's crowded and I feel 
Lost in here
I'm trying to find a familiar fear
I look everywhere 
But I just can't see
There's not anything that remind me
Of me   oh

Chorus:(same as before)

Bridge: not really any chords to strum here, but you can play
the following chord or pic it up and down and you have a somewhat 
similar sounding pattern (not quite, but my best attempt at this point)- 

You make me fresh as flowers
Under these rocks and stones

Break: play the chorus progression

Chorus:(same as before, repeat and end with progression from verse)