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Hungry Chords

Kosheen - Hungry

Em            G                   Em
You're like a child with old eyes,
                      G                       Em
cynical and sensible, always full of surprises
          G             Em
you travel far and wide
                       G                Em
looking for the feeling, lost inside you
            G                Em
They don't understand you, no
G                  Em
until it's too late
                        G         Em
with everything they've handed you
on a silver plate

A      C       G
Are you hungry for a little more
G                           A
than what you've had before?
        C      G
Are you hungry for a taste of life?
G                  A            C       G
wet your appetite, are you hungry?

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Em              G            Em
Now give me this mountainside
            G             Em
cool waters to lie beside
              G              Em
give me these two strong eyes
                     G                      Em
to see the difference between truth and lies
                 G      Em                    G
Ah, give me this feeling when you kiss me baby
every day and every night
             G         Em
That's all I need, yes
Everything is.. gonna be all right


Em            G                    Em                G
You're like a sight for sore eyes, lyrical and gentle
borderlining sentimental
              G              Em
You're like a dream realised
so why do I keep falling back to sleep,

I'm so serious and deep.