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Right Now
Artist: Korn
first i would just like to say that Korn's new CD is out and this song
is the openning track. The CD is ridiculously heavy and angry. The CD
makes the last 3 CD's Korn has made look like music to sleep by. This
stuff is quality mosh material. Everything is simple, nothing hard 
(thats how i picked out two songs after the CD has been out for a day)
SO I would like to tell you all out there that think Korn has lost all
their energy that I'm sorry but you were dead wrong. Jon still has 
that growling roar that hes always had and not to worry he uses it a
lot. Theres a new bagpipe song which I'll also tab out, which has an
insanely fast and heavy groove. Jon's lyrics are really angry, anyone
whos a fan of Korn's violent side will love this album. And as if
there were not enough treats for old school Korn fans a song that was
scrapped before Korn's first CD came out but that was on their demo
has been re-done and released on this album. The song is Alive, which
eventually became Need To on Korn's self-titled. They are different 
songs but the chorus guitar riff is exactly the same. Fieldy is 
especially awesome on this record his bass sounds so cool. The guitars
are brutal and grating and heavy and melody and complexity take a 
total back-seat in this record. Ok I'll shut up now here is the bad
ass three riff song "Right Now"
These tabs may not be right and I usually don't write out tabs unless
I know they are perfect so if there are any mistakes I'm sorry but I
just want to give everyone something to work on. 
six-string guitarists: abandon all hope ye who buy this CD. As heavy 
as it is the seventh string is the most abused string on Munky and 
Head's guitars with just about all these songs. 
Tuning: Down one step just like always: ADGCFAD
Effects: along with the simplicity of the record effects are rarely
used on this record except during some melodic verses on two or three
of the songs. You need distortion and thats it for this song
Opening Riff/Chorus 



Pre-Bridge: there is some guitar here with some effects here but its
just eerie weird noises while Jon is whispering "shut up, shut up, 
shut up, I'll fuck you up..." Then the bridge kicks in and he starts
screaming no one could help going off while playing this:

Thats all there is thats all there needs to be cause this is one of 
the most bad-ass songs on the record. There pretty much all awesome, 
equally. Theres no crappy song on this record they are all heavy they
are all angry. Its all just loud crazy stuff. This CD is really the 
essence of Korn, so I hope this tab spreads the word to all the 
sceptics. I'll be back with a tab of the bag-pipe song which is even
better and a few riffs from a song called Deep Inside.

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