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Hey Daddy Tab

Band: Korn
Album: Issues
Song: Hey daddy
Tabber: Tyler S.
Equipment used: Pedals: Dunlop Cry baby, Digitech Multichorus, and a Digitech
Grunge distortion. Guitars: Ibanez RG 7321 7 string
Settings: Digitech multichorus- Level 5:00 Speed 11:30 Depth 2:00 Voice 6:00
Digitech Grunge- Loud(whatever desired) Low 6:00 High 4:00 Grunge 5:00
I believe that Korn uses a harmonizer in the intro but i dont have one so im
not sure. I just use my Digitech Whammy pedal in the intro set to one octave
up and heel down. Here it is Hey Daddy by Korn. This should be nearly perfect
but nothings perfect so please rate.
Hey Daddy
Digitech Whammy
O  heel back (effect off)  ( These symbols mean the same things for the 
+  heel down (effect on)    Whammy and the Cry baby )
Dunlop Crybaby
O  heel back (toe back)
+  heel down (toe down)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/korn/hey_daddy_tab_ver_5.html ]
Tuning: Seven string tuned down one-whole step BEADGBe to ADGCFAd
(whole song tabbed in order)
Intro:              riff 1          riff 2             riff 1 
|Digitech Whammy   |Clean tone w/  |Grunge distortion |Clean tone w/  |
|set up one octave |Multichorus &  |on w/ clean tone  |Multichorus &  |
|w/clean tone      |Dunlop Crybaby |                  |Dunlop Crybaby |
|(effect on)       |               |                  |               |
|   Head           |Munky & Head   |Munky & Head      |Munky & Head   |
| +    +   +   +   | O O + O O + O |                  |               |
  whole thing 1X    whole thing 20X  whole thing 8X    whole thing 16X

 riff 2 
|Grunge dist. on w/ |             
|clean tone         |
|                   | And then a
|-------------------| guitar interlude,           
|Munky & Head       | then back to             
|                   | riff 2 16X, and then          
d|------------------| the outro is riff 1 
A|------------------| 5 times until it slowly 
F|-------6--------7-| quiets down and goes into
C|-------x--------x-| Somebody someone.
  whole thing 8x

There ya go Hey Daddy track number 10 on Issues. If you have any song requests
for me to tab contact me at Munky1423@aol.com thanx and id like to see a five
star for this tab.