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Counting On Me Tab

Counting on Me, by Korn

heres the same guy who did the first did my time, right now, deep 
inside, and lets do this now tabs and i've just transcribed this song
as well as Play Me, the song with Nas and Y'all want a Single so here
this one is
Tuning: ADGCFAD (seven string)
Theres harmonic throughout the song so I'll just put them as decimals
In the intro and interlude is where they use them but they are very
specific locations: witht he decimals, the number to the left of the
decimal is the fret and the number to the right is the adjacent fret
it is closest to so 4.5 would be fourth fret close to the 5th fret. 

these might be wrong, thats why I choose to not share my name or 
email so i don't get people bitching me out. I can only assure you 
these will be more right than all the idiots out there trying to 
transcribe korn on six string guitars in drop D or even standard

Intro: (clean)
D-2-2.3-2.3-2-2.3-2.3-2-2.3-2.3-2-2.3-2-3^- repeat however many times

PreChorus: (dist.) I'm not sure about the high notes

C---4-4---4-4---4-4---4------ repeat however many times

Gtr1 keeps playing intro throughout verse. Sorry, but i dont know the
high part. 
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/korn/counting_on_me_tab.html ]
Chorus: this is the one part of the song I'm almost positive is right
G-3----3-5-------6----6-8----------- repeat however many times

Interlude: again i only know gtr1 (munky's part) I used to know the
phat little powerchord fill that gtr2 plays but i forgot it. I only
remember it was powerchords like around the 9th frets on the C & F
strings. but heres gtr1's part. Its clean i think there might by very
light distortion but if there isnt theres some affect like chorus or 
because you can hear the harmonics too well for it to be totally clean
D---4.5-4.3------4.5-4.3-4.3-3.4- repeat however many times
Jon screams "RIGHT NOW" and theres these chords i doubt they are right
totally but they sound alright:
This heavy part follows it again i don't know if its right
Then when jon is screaming right now over and over (he sounds so cool)
Just continue that last riff over and over

The outro part i don't know but this should be enough to play along 
with the song. Have fun!