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Camel Song Revised Tab

Artist: Korn
Song: Camel Song
My previous version of this song was mostly right but ive but messing 
around with the bridge of this song. For those who haven't heard 
Camel Song its on the End of Days soundtrack, and the bridge is one
of the most quirky yet heavy riffs Head and Munky have come up with.
I listened to the song and messed with my effects board and picked 
out the two guitar parts and they sound at least closer to the real
thing. The Chorus and everything else in my last version were right,
so I'll just leave those out
I fixed the intro that i wasn't sure about. Here is the right way...
The interlude i didn't know i now know, at least the guitar sounding
part. Knowing korn the funky static crap could very well be, and 
probably is guitar, but i have no idea where to start on picking it 
out. The other part that comes after the three static chords is the
part i picked out. I know the song on bass as well and i figured
it might be the same, and it sounds relatively right:
use wah and delay and try to mimic the song
Okay now here is the Bridge
Gtr 1 (munky) if you wanna play this part you are going to have to 
do some funky crap with an effects board. First turn the bass all
the way up, midrange all the way down, and treble about a quarter of
the way up. Next put your distortion on the highest gain possible. 
Then set the pedal to wah, and put an envelope filter on low if you 
have it. Here it is: +'s and ='s show wah pedal use. + is toe up, =
is toe halfway down, _ is toe all the way or most of the way down. 
If + is shown then the pedal remains open until you see an = or _  
repeat so many times...
Gtr 2 (head) this part isn't as heavy as Gtr 1's part, and requires 
only distortion and a whammy pedal. head part also has more of a 
distinct rhythm. again +'s ='s and _'s show the pedal activity. What
makes the Bridge sound so quirky is that munky's funky wah-wah notes
overlap with head's whammy pedal craziness. As for amp settings, you
are playing korn so just use the standard korn sound by keeping the
bass and treble up and midrange down for that grindey, grungy, cheese-
grater distortion
repeat so many times...
This is one of my all time favorite Korn songs so I'll continue to 
mess with it to try and get this wild bridge riff down cold. If you
haven't heard Camel Song download it or buy the soundtrack its well
worth it. 
Sorry theres more talk in this tab than well, tab, but i feel i need
to let fellow tabbers know a trick i use to decipher korn (and other
bands with two guitarists) guitar parts. Basically if you have like
a PS2 or DVD player that plays CDs and you have those little red white
and yellow wires that you plug into your TV, you can hear one side
without the other by putting the red wire in and leaving the white one
out, or vice versa. If you listen to CDs like this you can hear
stuff you never would have been able to pick out before, stuff
you didn't even know you were hearing cause you couldn't distinguish 
between the two guitars. You can do this same thing by listening
to your CD on a portable CD player or boombox or whatever and putting
your earphones on and messing with the earphone plug so that its only 
halfway in or whatever it'll make it so you only hear out of one phone
and nothing in the other so you can listen to one guitar at a time
Its very useful for picking out songs and it was the only way that
I managed to tab out this song. There is probably some expensive mixer
or tape machine or something like that out there that lets you do it
too (like something that mutes one speaker & cranks the other one but
knowing what i've just told you that would be a waste of money. I'll
shut up now. Try it though, it works and it realy is helpful. There 
could be two different guitar parts in a song and you wouldn't even 
know it till you try this.

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