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Blind Tab

Song: Blind
Artist: Korn
Submitted by:Rejected-maggot

Intro Guitar 1     Then Guitar 2 Joins in with this just 
                   after the 10th intro
A#|------|          A#|-------------|
F |---7--|          F |-------------|
C |---8--|          C |-------------|
G |--10--|          G |----10---11--|
D |------|          D |-----9---10--|
A |------|X14       A |--0----0-----|X2

Then Guitar 2 switches to intro X4 (last one on "are you ready")
And Guitar 1 plays this:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/k/korn/blind_tab.html ]
A#|--------------------|    A#|------------------------------|pause  
F |--------------------|     F|------------------------------|after
C |--------------------|     C|------------------------------|5th
G |--------------------|     G|------------------------------|timeThen 
D |--------------------|X3   D|------------------------------|play
A |-0h2--0h3--0h2--0h3-|then A|--0h2--0h3--0h2--0h3-6-6-6-6--|8 times

I dont know the rest, any corrections, comments or even compliments 
mail me at rejected_maggot@another.com