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Time To Fly Chords

For any and all solos improvise in the key of Ab.

Ab                       Gb                             Eb            Eb
A brand new creature is growing from the ashes of our mistakes
Ab                            Gb                           Eb             Eb
And when you see the pheonix you'll know your in a better place
Db                          Eb                                    Gb                                    Ab    Ab    Ab
As it rises from the grave  the blood dripping from it's wounds  Time to yell with the rest of us Where SAVED SAVED SAVED!
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Ab       Gb      Eb    Eb
It's Tiiiiime to Fly (x3)

Verse 2: (same chords as V1)
change is in the air and the wizard is casting a spell
the electricity is flowing though you as you prepare to jump.
theres people flying theres people crying and its time for you to save save us!

It's Tiiiiime to Fly (x3)

and the world is slowing down
So sieze it while you still can!

(chorus chords x3)

Verse 3:

I hope you get the message I'm trying to you about this world
It's slowing down and everything is way to boring
so sieze the day, so learn to fly and why where here to stay, stay, stay!

It's Tiiiiiiiiime to Fly (x3)